Suiderkruis Security is THE ONLY locally based Security Service Provider that offers our clients VIDEOFIED.

It is the most advanced security alarm system on the market, with the following unique benefits:

Loadshedding & Power Failure Immunity

VIDEOFIED can operate without any reliance on electricity for between 6 months to 2 years.

Unlike a normal alarm system that might have a few hours battery backup, VIDEOFIED will continue to function no matter what the duration of the loadshedding or power failure is.

This powerful feature means that criminals can’t take advantage of loadshedding & power failures.

VIDEOFIED’s power is onboard & cannot be tampered with.

Essentially, VIDEOFIED alarm systems can be installed in places where there is no electricity at all, thus allowing for absolute no go areas anywhere on any property or business concern.


Video Verification

VIDEOFIED’s indoor and outdoor motion sensors integrate a low-resolution built in camera for the purpose of video verification of what caused an activation.

Each time the alarm activates, VIDEOFIED will show our Control Room what triggered the alarm.

Please bear in mind that this is not CCTV.  It is an alarm system with an immediate on board tool to catch the criminal whilst the crime is in progress, or before the crime can be committed. The VIDEOFIED system is thus pro-active.

In essence, the video clip will totally eliminate false alarms, which are also usually the norm with most current standard detection devices.