Full Alarm Monitoring

Alarm detection systems are monitored from our secure Control Room situated in Great Brak River.

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Our Guarding Division’s success entails recruiting the right person for the job.

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Response Services

Our “Men in Blue” provide professional and swift response service to our clients’ homes & businesses.

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Business Manual in Terms Of Act 4 Of 2013 (Popia) And Act 2 Of 2000 (Paia)

The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (PAIA), as amended by The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) gives certain parties the right to approach private and public bodies to request; rectify or delete information held by them, which is required in the exercise and/or protection of their rights.

On request, the private and/or public body is obliged to release such information unless the relevant Acts expressly states that the records containing such information may or must not be released.

The Protection of Personal Information Act was enacted to give effect to the constitutional right to privacy, by safeguarding personal information when processed by Suiderkruis Security Services (PTY) LTD subject to justifiable limitations.

The aim of this manual is to inform requestors of procedural requirements; to facilitate the requests for access to records of Suiderkruis Security Services (PTY) LTD as provided for in the relevant Acts; and to inform and prescribe the procedures and measures to be effected to comply with the provisions of POPIA as well as the internal processes of Suiderkruis Security Services (PTY) LTD with regards to the Acts.

Risco Alarm System

The Risco Lightsys 2 hybrid system is one of our most popular alarm systems.

It fits neatly into its box with all of its components PLUS you have the option to use your smartphone to switch your alarm on / off.

Aside from that, you can also add cameras to the system and view them from the same application on your smartphone you use to switch your alarm on and off!

We have various options available to suit varying needs.

Contact us for more info or an obligation free quotation on info@suiderkruissecurity.co.za

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Response Services

We are proud of our various branch’s response officers who we refer to as or our “Men in Blue”, who provide professional and swift response service to our clients’ homes & businesses.

Their first priority is always the personal safety of our clients and their families. The security of a property is also prioritized, but personal safety will always be their most important task. They know that property can be replaced, but lives cannot.

Our brave response officers have earned a “no nonsense” reputation. They work closely with their respective local S.A.Police Precincts, CPF’s & Neighbourhood Watch’s to combat crime.

In short, our Suiderkruis “Men in Blue” are locally employed, which means that they are continualy part of the community they are protecting.


Our Guarding Division’s success entails recruiting the right person for the job.

It is therefore imperative that each of our guarding officers be matched to the client’s requirements and expectations and we encourage our clients to become involved in the final staff selection process in order to enhance our service.

  • The Company and its Directors are registered members of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).
  • We comply with all PSIRA regulations and all regulations as stipulated in the Sectoral Determination.

Recruitment And Training

All guarding officers are, as a condition of employment, fully conversant with and must abide by the regulations as set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority for guards.

Accordingly, all guarding officers posted at a site will have the following minimum standards:

  • Have no criminal records (schedule one offence)
  • Have been graded by PSIRA in conjunction with an accredited training establishment.
  • Have been subjected to a comprehensive screening process.
  • Have been subjected to the Suiderkruis Internal training program.

All our guarding staff undergoes the necessary training for registration with PSIRA and over and above this we provide a three day On The Job Training program which is site specific and entails the following:

  • Role and responsibilities of a security officer
  • Patrolling
  • Access Control
  • Searching
  • Security and Emergency Systems
  • Fire Awareness
  • Health and Safety
  • The Law
  • Emergencies
  • Customer Care and Social Skills
  • Communications and Reporting 

Suiderkruis aspires to a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach where interalia all new guarding staff receive induction on site, which forms part of our quality management system (QMS)

Alarm Monitoring

All our clients’ residential and business security alarm detection systems are monitored from our secure Control Room situated in Great Brak River.

Because of its central location, the incoming signals are received easily and are dispatched to our response vehicles timeously.

Our Control Room Operators receive and dispatch all incoming signals and continually co-ordinate the whereabouts of our response officers on a 24/7 basis.

Their training involves continuous updates of crime trends and criminal activity & they have formed a close communication bond with the local S.A. Police Precincts as well as with many of our loyal clients.


Suiderkruis Security is THE ONLY locally based Security Service Provider that offers our clients VIDEOFIED.

It is the most advanced security alarm system on the market, with the following unique benefits:

Loadshedding & Power Failure Immunity

VIDEOFIED can operate without any reliance on electricity for between 6 months to 2 years.

Unlike a normal alarm system that might have a few hours battery backup, VIDEOFIED will continue to function no matter what the duration of the loadshedding or power failure is.

This powerful feature means that criminals can’t take advantage of loadshedding & power failures.

VIDEOFIED’s power is onboard & cannot be tampered with.

Essentially, VIDEOFIED alarm systems can be installed in places where there is no electricity at all, thus allowing for absolute no go areas anywhere on any property or business concern.


Video Verification

VIDEOFIED’s indoor and outdoor motion sensors integrate a low-resolution built in camera for the purpose of video verification of what caused an activation.

Each time the alarm activates, VIDEOFIED will show our Control Room what triggered the alarm.

Please bear in mind that this is not CCTV.  It is an alarm system with an immediate on board tool to catch the criminal whilst the crime is in progress, or before the crime can be committed. The VIDEOFIED system is thus pro-active.

In essence, the video clip will totally eliminate false alarms, which are also usually the norm with most current standard detection devices.

Security Alarm Detection Devices

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Home and business security consists of several layers of detection in order to provide an effective early warning system that will alert you to the presence of any unwanted intruders. Installing such an effective, layered security system “buys” valuable time. The quicker the presence of an intruder can be established, the less of a chance exists before he gets the opportunity to smash a window or force open a security gate. This also allows our response officers more time to get your family to safety.

Layered security consists of creating electronic barriers between an intruders and your family.

The most common of these electronic barriers are:

  • Indoor detection alarm systems
  • Outdoor detection devices with early warning capabilities
  • Remote panic buttons
  • Glass-smashing sensors on windows
  • Burglar bars

Our supplied and installed security systems are sourced from global suppliers and are installed to detect and deter intruders, whilst prioritizing the safety of your loved ones and valuable possessions.


 Indoor Detection Alarm Systems:

These are the most commonly installed devices within a residence or business. The majority of these systems comprise mainly indoor intrusion detectors as well as magnetic contacts on doors or windows.

The most common system is the standard hard-wired system, which means that all the devices are wired to a central point (Control Panel) from where their operations are controlled by the end user via a dedicated keypad. The more modern systems are wireless. The core of these systems are still hard-wired (Control panel, Siren & Keypad), but the signal to all the devices is wireless. This makes these specific system aesthetically very adaptable to any building or premises.


 Outdoor Detection Alarm Systems:

There are mainly three types of outdoor intruder detection devices suitable for use in residential and business properties

  1. Outdoor Motion Detectors

Outdoor motion detectors are infra-red detectors, similar to indoor passives, which provide early warning of an intruder on the property. These detectors are mounted on or against a wall or building to detect movement approaching the building or against the property. These devices can be either hard-wired or wireless.

  1. Point-to-Point Beams

Point-to-point outdoor beams are supplied in pairs. A transmitter at one end and a receiver at the other with an invisible infra-red beam passing between the two. Any intruder or object such as a person, a dog or a branch falling from a tree, breaks the beam and generates an alarm signal. These beams are generally installed across a driveway. These devices are mostly hard-wired.

  1. Barrier Strip Beams

Barrier Strip beams are extended versions of point-to-point outdoor beams. They also work on the transmitter/receiver concept and are mostly placed on the outside of windows or across sliding doors. These devices are only available in hard-wired.


Remote Panic Buttons:

Many of our clients are concerned with Personal Security. This is where a remote panic button serves a purpose. Remote panic buttons allow for mobility but at the same time ensuring that you have mobile protection against possible danger.

Motorised Installations

Motorised Installations refer to any devices that are operated via a motor, such as garage doors and gates.

We not only source and supply these devices, but install them as well. We then ensure that these devices are easy to operate and ensure that they are fitted with user friendly remote controls for ease of use by our clients.

Our technical teams will always ensure that when one of these devices is installed, it is done to the specific requirements of the client, whilst simultaneously ensuring that is conforms to safety standards in and around a home or business.

Intercom Systems

With the increase in criminal activity, intercom communication is becoming more of a part of our daily lives. We want to ensure that our clients always know who is at the entrance of their property or business.

The current range of intercom systems is vast. From standard entry level two-way intercoms, to advanced state of the art intercoms with on board cameras which can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Our main aim when providing intercom systems is to ensure our clients’ safety. If you know who is at the entrance, you have the power to decide whether they can be granted entry.

CCTV Camera Systems

We supply and install a wide range of CCTV surveillance cameras which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in any home or business.

Our CCTV products range from high-quality networkable CCTV surveillance systems to        the standard CCTV products currently available.

Current CCTV technology allows the end user to access your home or business from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. So, if you are away on business or holiday and your alarm system is activated, you can log into the camera’s IP address via the internet to survey your home or business through the installed cameras.

CCTV cameras act as a strong deterrent against crime as they can assist you and the police to gather valuable intelligence for investigations.